About Us

Your expert for visas

We are an accredited visa service which is entitled to obtain visas for third parties at the authorized embassies and consulates.

Applying for a visa can be complicated and time-consuming. We do all the work for you. The only thing you have to do is to fill in the application form for a visa and send it to us. We do all the rest!

Each year, there are several thousands of individual travellers, big and small companies, airlines, travel offices and some well-known sports clubs among our clients.

Our service

A good deal – for both parties!

We do the two courier services to the consulate for you, we pay the consulate fee and we do all the formalities for you – normally, we charge EUR 36.- for this. Because, if you want to do business with us it has to be a good deal for both parties.

(Almost) everything is possible!

You have just noticed that you need a visa for your trip the following day? Or do you have other problems with obtaining a visa that seem impossible to solve? Well, we cannot promise anything but thanks to our good contacts, we were already able to make the impossible possible in some cases. Please, contact us!

Perfect solutions

Is your company looking for a competent visa partner? Do you need several different visas for your trip around the world? Would a visa for several years be perfect for you? Together we arrange an individual offer for you. Fast. Simple. Secure. Cheap.

As fast as the wind!

It is known that there are people who apply for a visa at the last possible moment. For us, it doesn’t matter. In an emergency, our courier takes your passport directly to the airport or wherever you wish. And off you go!

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